Glow-globes:   Hollow wax globes that glow and pulse with light.  3 sizes,  5 colours.

Solid Colour: Signature range of pillar candles. Full range of sizes and colours.

Range changes seasonally Spring/Summer to Autumn/winter. A customised colour choice is offered.







Gloworm: These candles have brightly coloured centres and a brilliant white outer. The colour glows through the white  when you light the candle.





Silkmoth: Scented pillar candles in a distinctive shape. The hexagonal shape has more surface area so

more scent is given off when the candle is warm.  Lavender, Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Sandalwood,

Sweet musk, Bergamot are available.







Crackle- Glaze: A new range of candles in natural shades with a unique finish, a little like aged leather.






Rock candles: Sea shore pebbles and rocks were the inspiration for these unusual candles.





Heritage: Picture beehive huts, oratories, roundtowers, giant's causeway as candles. Archetecturally correct and detailed gift candles. Picture heritage.





Gypsymoth: Gold, silver and copper lacquer poured onto brilliant white pillar candles for a

bold effect. These are candles for display on a mantel piece perhaps.







  Garden lanterns: 50cm high hollow shell made from High-melt-point wax. Light a pillar

    candle inside and enjoy the glow at twilight in the garden.



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